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.The beginning.

They say that the most difficult task of our life is to understand ourselves. Yes I agree with them. And hence, finally after the completion of my schooling, I decided to put my feelings right over here and it will give me a fair chance to introspect and then connecting the dots of my past in order to know a lit bit about myself.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

I’m on a discovery and hence I have to begin from somewhere.

Better to take a step right from my INTRODUCTION.


So hi, I’m 18 years old young, charm, ex-introvert and a thoughtful person. I’m fond of spending a lot of time in my hobbies like computer programming, reading novels and magazines, writing etc. etc. Currently, I’m occupying about 706.5 cm^2 area of this earth.

I was born on 28th December 1996 yet I was mentioned into the official documents 3 months later. So from the beginning of my school life, every year, I celebrate my birthday on 28th of March. My family consist of four members with my hard working, ideological, an alumni of Indian Air Force and overall, my sweet father; my loving mother, who is meant to take care of all of us. She is a devotee of Rama, who daily performs her pray with her rosary for hours. And finally, my elder sister who loves to do shopping and a lot of shopping only.

My father grew up in a typical Indian countryside.

Born in 1968,

Lost his mother (and thus my grandma) at the age of 12,

Took responsibility to bring up my 3 younger uncles as at that time, my grandpa used to travel from one place to another in order to making a little bit of money.

Everyday, my daddy used to work really hard in order to complete his daily chores, bringing up his 3 brothers and finally, used to sit in front of lantern in order to burn the midnight oil for completing his daily school related homework.

But at his age of 17, destiny took a sudden turn and he was recruited into the defense services. There, he pursued his further studies – Aerospace engg, MA, BA, MBA (mktg.), a degree in hotel management (*Gold Medalist*) and fought for civil services exam.

Being the son of an air warrior, I have traveled all across the country.



My father (R) receiving his gold medal from Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri M. Hamid Ansari

. 4th Convocation of VMOU, Kota (May 15, 2008) .

Oh sorry! Although I know that this section is related to me, yet I was talking about my father. ‘My father is my inspiration’.

If you’re curious about my life, then I wanna tell you that since my first standard, I used to stand first in my class. Then in my 11th grade, I stood 4th. But your class position doesn’t matter. It is the person that really matters! Throughout my school life, I was elected for ‘Class Monitor’ position.

. IIT JEE – Is it an exam or a hell? .

It was April 4 in the spring of 2013. Results were awaited. I was confident enough to score 10 CGPA in my 10th grade (and finally it happened!).

One of my science teacher during the provisional classes exclaimed,”Dileep!”

I said,”Yes sir!” I froze up.

He then asked me,”What is your plan ahead?”

I answered honestly,”Sir, studying science and maths along with computer science.”

He blurt out,” Is that your plan!!” I nodded.

“See, I know what you’re made for. Just begin to work hard for IIT JEE advance.” (Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Exam)

I told him within a single breath,”Sir, at the present, I’m confused about my entrances. But I’d like to spend these two years in science exhibitions, studying science books, reading novels, leading my house in debate competitions and learning computer programming.”

“Hmm. And then?”

“Then… Sir, whatever the best I will get on the basis of… “.

He interrupted me,”Listen Dileep, don’t plan to waste your most crucial two years. This is India! I know that you’d have a better career as an engineer. And you want to become an engineer na..”

“Probably sir!”.

“Good. And which is the best institution for pursuing your engineering?”

“I think (the society and then you made me to think)… IITs.”

“Definitely son. Then start now.”

I nodded.

And while shaking his head, her further advised me,” Don’t opt for computer science and such house leader positions. Take physical edu. and cramming a day before exam is enough. Don’t pay any attention on school exams in your 11th grade. Pay any artist for building the annual science project model. Study for JEE regularly. Join any good coaching institute here or go to Kota. Else here, do not go to school on Saturdays. Just understand a concept and try to apply it in various scenarios by solving a plenty of questions ranging from simple-to-hard JEE level. Compete hard. About 1.4 millions of students appear every year for  2 Tier JEE exam and only 9,000 students make it to IITs. You can sense the competition!!”

It really frightened me. And I began to prepare for JEE in order to secure my future. Scored well in my mock tests. But as the time passed, at the mid of 11th grade, I felt exhausted. I felt that ‘something was really missing from my life’. What is that? Why I’m preparing for JEE? Although I’m studying hard and scoring well, yet I’m not happy. Every night, while going straight to bed, I used to think about leaving the preparations but then a fear used to arise within my mind. Was it the fear of losing the ‘RAT RACE‘?

And finally, after a long fight with my forced thoughts and the society, I left it! I left it! Yes I did…

But it took me into a broad loneliness and for a year, I was doing nothing. Void. And as reaching to the end of 2014, I gained my enthusiasm again.

I’m not an IITian. And now I feel a good for this tag…

. Before 2012 .

Come again my dear! Sorry for taking you into that dark tunnel. So I’m a voracious reader and I love to write. I have a passion for computers and my real interest lies in the ‘Theoretical Physics’ . I love to understand a concept all by myself at first, and then I think a lot about the concerned concept and at last, I become eligible to appreciate that concept. I like to go beyond the textbooks and usually try out my leanings in the practical life (Like how I used to play with ‘vectors’ and used simple distance=speed x time formula back in my 6th grade for calculating the average separation between the light poles on National Highway while travelling in a car maintaining the uniform speed of 31.07 mph). Yet they had never added a score to my mark sheet 😦


          . It’s easy:: Calculating average separation between the light poles on National Highway .


. Playing with vectors:: Verifying parallelogram law of vector addition by applying two perpendicular forces (|F1|≈|F2|) on a pencil. The resultant force is the vector sum of the two almost equal forces and hence, the pencil moves into the direction of the resultant .


. So sorry:: Opened my father’s old CDMA phone (never returned him!) and built a mini-rechargeable LED lamp .


. PENs:: Am I – am I really touching millions of Protons, Electrons and Neutrons (PENs) !!!


This is just a brief ( I think so!) and it should be as it is the beginning of my new discovery. Hope, you and I will find a lot about ourselves in this all new journey.

So just move along with me 🙂



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  1. very interesting bio. its my pleasure that we share a similar interest..i.e PHYSICS. its not my “second life” but my “first love” . and guess what? I too left my preparations for JEE halfway because I only used to study Physics 😛
    JEE is that thing which when i faced( this year only)…that i realised that i’ve done nothing in all these 12 years despite of getting a CGPA 10!!
    Anyways…thank you Dileep for liking my poetry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Chhaya! I’m glad that I’ve found a physicist in this world of bloggers :p Same I faced JEE this year and somewhere I encircled too many dark dots ^_^ I hope that students will understand themselves very soon…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nicely caricatured story. My storeymatches 50% with yours. Even I left JEE prep in my mid 11th. I was in Aakash Institute and was scoring pretty high there but I felt something is degrading me; something is decaying my innate abilities. Unfortunately, it was JEE. JEE didn’t cont on anything you do different from others, it just cares about your marks. It’s just how you apply concepts on paper whereas the are very much irrelevant as practically, many of them are unfeasible. Many technical problems occur when one plays with science and technology. Even dumb shy people who just know how to SCORE well get chance to attend IITs whereas many really talented people get ignored. I think this is the reason why India is not progressing in research and why no inventions occur in India.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Vividh for your fruitful comment. You know what? Somewhere you’re focusing on following your heart and the intuition. And that’s good. That’s good!
      I’m agree with your concern about implementing a dynamic and a holistic application process for admission in our technical institutes. But who cares?
      If you dare to go against the system, then you should be bold enough to face the challenges!
      And I think if this scenario do not take a major change, then in the upcoming years, more and more students will move for abroad education and then our potential will be in the hand of others. Just,
      Be the change that you want to see in this world 🙂

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  3. This post made me so happy. You know, people like you are so rare who are brave enough to fight the clutches of the society and get out of the terrible decisions it made them take.

    Always do what you love, what is bright and the best for you. It will surely give you ample amount of happiness and satisfaction. You will be competent in it.
    Plus, I see a genius in you right now 🙂 Go find your right path and enjoy your life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very nice write up Dileep, it’s nice to know more about you and btw, my birthday is December 29th, but a different year 😛 Hahaha…that’s amazing you have been all over India with your family and wow, you are good in Physics! You must love watching The Big Bang Theory, it’s one of my fav’s 😉 Happy Wednesday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Jennifer 🙂 And whoa… What a coincidence! My sign is Capricorn and I think yours must be the same – as a serious note, I don’t know anything about horoscopes and astrology and that’s why, I’m the happiest person within myself.
      I’m glad that you went through my half-witted intro :p Thank you for that!
      And seriously, TBBT is my all time fav too and whom do I admire the most? Ah… Of course Sheldon 🙂 And Howard and Rajesh too.

      “Leonard, as my introduction to the string theory was appreciated by Jennifer, I would like you change the plan and go out for pizza as per the human tradition for celebration. Well, Wednesday night won’t be the hallo night any more!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re most welcome Dileep and “Bazinga” yep we’re both Capricorns 😛 That’s good you’re happy in not knowing anything about horoscopes, me too! 🙂

        Ok you are too funny, Sheldon Cooper is my fav character as well 😀 I even did a blog in the A-Z Challenge under J for Jim Parsons 😛 you can check it out I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂 All the characters make me laugh so hard it’s the best show!

        Hahaha…your invite for pizza celebration Wednesday night sounds great in replacement of halo night 😛 I was never very good at that game 😉 Although Penny is! 🙂 Anyway, who can say no to pizza 😀 What a coincidence, it’s Wednesday 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Dileep,


    I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for taking the time to read the blog post I made that Erika Kind reblogged titled “Please Help Our Momma” (https://protomarq.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/helpourmomma/) about the on-going struggles that my family is facing after my mom was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. It’s been an uphill battle but we have been blessed with so much love, support and encouragement that I don’t know what we would have done without it. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but just knowing that you took time to support our cause seriously means the world to me and my little family. I would like to humbly ask that if you are in the position to contribute something (anything!) to our cancer relief crowd funding campaign it would make a serious impact, even just $5.00, because every little bit makes such a HUGE difference. If you are unable to (and we completely understand) please, at the very least, consider reblogging the “Please Help Our Momma” post to your readers and/or share the campaign on whatever social media outlets you utilize for your readers because maybe we might get in front of the right people who have the means to help my family stay afloat during this time. Thank you so much! Here’s a direct link to the campaign as well. https://igg.me/at/Hz9-ILFN2P0

    Thanks again. Seriously!

    Christopher Michael

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  6. This is such an eye opener. Getting in the top colleges for engineering is one of the biggest dreams of aspiring engineers. IITians Pace is one of the best institutes to provide the best education required to crack the entrance and make it to your dream college.


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